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The 66th Assembly District Republican Central Committee consists of seven members, elected by Republicans every four years, during the Presidential Primary Election, most recently March 2020. The term of office is four years. Plus we have several ex-officio members (State or Federal Candidates who have run in the most recent November election.) . Each member appoints an alternate member, Each committee member is committed to recruit new regular and alternate members, in addition to associate members. Associate members are members of the public who would like to work with the Central Committee to assist in forwarding our goals. The committee strives to register and educate voters, assist with coordination of campaigns, organize precincts, conduct candidate research and development, operate local headquarters when feasible and sponsor independent Republican clubs. The Committee meets on a monthly basis, more often if necessary.

The 66th Assembly District Republican Central Committee, through strong, active leaders and community involvement strives to develop an electable network of candidates to run for State, Local, and Federal offices. The team supports the CORE values (Constitution, Opportunity, Responsibility, Exceptionalism) of the Republican Party. 

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2016-2020 66th AD Central Committee Roster


Janice Webb - Chair [email protected]

Hon. Tom Brewer - Vice Chair [email protected]

John Fleming - Treasurer [email protected]

Martha Logan - Secretary [email protected]

Patti LaGrelius - Member [email protected]

Peter Michel - Member [email protected]

John Nunn - Member
[email protected]


Hon. Frank Scotto - Ex-Officio [email protected]

Rick Marshall - Ex-Officio [email protected]

Omar Navarro - Ex-Officio [email protected]


Hon. David Hadley - Chairman

Hon. Bob Holmes - Chairman Emeritus  

Hon. Paul Nowatka - Chairman Emeritus



Hon. Bea Dieringer
[email protected]

Hon. Paul Nowatka - Member [email protected]

Sheila O’Neill-O’Connor [email protected]

Claude Todoroff, CPA
[email protected]